Truth About Singapore

Singapore is many things — modern and traditional, flexible and unyielding, young yet experienced. With this well-researched report, we’ve uncovered her hidden truths to help inspire brands to connect with Singaporeans in more meaningful ways.

About The Report

Singapore, a relentless juggernaut on the global stage, stands as an emblem of swift economic and technological advancement. But peel back the glossy surface, and you’ll find a unique, dynamic and rapidly evolving hub.

What do Singaporeans truly think of themselves, their work and their relationships? The Truth About Singapore study delves beneath the glitz to unveil the shifts in its cultural fabric and consumer psyche with real-life data, expert perspectives, grassroots opinions, and compelling case studies to unpack rich insights into the human impact of progress.

Our Methodology

Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup’s global consumer intelligence unit, interviewed people across the globe to gain unique perspectives into global macrotrends.

2,035 Participants in Singapore
243,579 Unique data points
18 Interviews with
Singaporeans from
all age groups

The Experts

We conducted expert interviews for informed opinions from culture tastemakers, geopoliticians innovators, human resource, academics, & advocates for mental health & climate change

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Take a Peek

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